Gris Cevenol

LOCATION:  France.

TYPE: Marble Primary Devonian stratum.

APPEARANCE: Pink grey background. Shaded appearance with alternating colours grey and pink. Presence of thin veins of crystalline calcite.  

Apparent density:   2,700 Kg/m3
Porosity :    0,19 %
Compressive strength:  111 MPa
Abrasion resistance:  24,1  mm
Saturation:  0,8 – 0,9 
Bending strength:   75,000 MPa
Sound propagation speed:  5830 m/s

MAIN USES: Decorations, top, pots, flooring, stairs, columns, fireplaces, design elements.

REFERENCES: Château de Versailles – Paris - France; Théâtre de l’Opéra – Paris - France; Green Park Residence – Livorno - Italy; Church of the Citè – Carcassonne - France; Regency Hotel – New York City - U.S.A.