About us

Evangelisti Marmi has worked in the marble sector for over fifty years, the production goes from the extraction della raw material in its own quarries to the production of slabs, then to the production of marble tiles cut to size and to the artistic manufacturing of marble.
The company is known for the extraction which has lasted for over 40 years of famous Rosso Francia Languedoc marble from its own quarries. The long-term and well-established foreign presence guarantees to the Group, thanks to controlled and associated societies, the direct access to the quarries of the most exclusive materials of the international view.

Evangelisti Marmi group includes two productive unities with laboratories and store in Italy (Massa Carrara) and two quarry fields in France (Languedoc). The handwork of marble materials has done following the experience acquired during years of presence in the sector, without turning away the attention from the new production techniques which use high technological machineries.
Thanks to this mix of elements, Evangelisti Marmi guarantees the absolute quality of whatever product: block, slab, marble tile, artistic worked good.

Via Tinelli, 49 B - 54100 - Massa Carrara - Italy
Tel. +39 0585 250478 - Fax +39 0585 253359
www.evangelistimarmi.com :: www.rossofrancialanguedoc.com