Bianco Carrara


TYPE: Primitive limestone transformed into saccaroid and ceraid

APPEARANCE: Grayish to white background with more or less dense texture veins.


Apparent weight: 2,710 Kg / m3
Porosity: 0.4%
Compressive strength: 100 MPa
Absorption H20: 0.11%
Bending strength: 20.3 MPa
Frost resistance: 18.3 MPa 

MAIN USES: Floors, coverings, stairs, fireplaces, columns

REFERENCES: Basilica San Michele Arcangelo - Lodi - Italy; Carmelite Friars Convent - La Spezia - Italy; Carmelite Friars Convent - Savona - Italy; Hotel Byron - Forte dei Marmi - Italy; Green Park Resort - Pisa - Italy; Villa Le Camelie - Naples - Italy.